This pilot was established at the aim of:
•    Creation of infrastructures and standardization of bio-mulches
•    Field evaluation of bio-mulches for controlling of sand and dust
•    Acquisition of know-how

The following achievements have been made as a result of bio-mulch pilot plant research activities:
- Pilot scale production of bio-mulches
- Establishment of necessary infrastructure for quality assessment and standardization of bio-mulches
- Establishment of a reference laboratory for controlling and improving the quality of bio-gels and soil stabilizers
- Recommendation for application of bio-mulches
- Investigation of the possibility of aerial spraying of bio-mulches on wide spread areas
- Protection of railroads in the city of Tabas by use of bio-mulches
- Use of bio-mulches for biological fixation of sand hills with the aim of planting Nitraria schoberi in Urmia Lake National Park