Up Stream equipment:

- Submerged stirred fermenters of 15, 20, 75, 750 litres capacities with fully automatic systems connected to down-stream processes
- Stirred fermenters with capacity of 3000 litres, which is designed, manufactured and installed by the biotechnology institute
- Air-lift fermenters with capacity of 10, 20 and 75 litres
- Solid-state fermenters with capacity of 10 and 30 tons per year
- Microwave hydrolizator for breaking down the lignocellulosic materials
- Photobioreactors with capacity of 20-250 litres



Down-stream equipment:

- A 1500 litre decanter used for precipitation and isolation of suspended materials available in cultures for maintaining culture at 4oC
- Semi-industrial separator having a capacity of 1500 litres per day for bacterial isolation as biomass separation after fermentation
- Spray dryer with capacity of 150 litres per day for drying biological products
- Reservoir tanks with capacity of around 400 litres as intermediate tanks for temporary storage
- Ultrafiltration system with capacity of 100 litres per hour for concentration and isolation of many biological products
- Filter-press with filtration capability of 250 litres per hour
- High pressure homogenizer for microbial cell disruption with capacity of 10-30 litres per hour.



- Scale up of laboratory experiments to pilot scale
- Design and manufacture of different types of fermenters with various capacities
- Making technical and economical evaluations of the projects for producing biological materials
- Designing and optimizing different fermentation processes (solid-state or submerged fermentation)
- Providing consultancy services to improve the quality of biotechnology products
- Improving strains for producing biological products

Completed Projects

- Production of bio-insecticides, e.g. B. Thuringiensis
- Recombinant protein production
- Semi-commercial production of acid lactic, probiotics and starter cultures
- Environmental engineering and bioremediation
- Green biofuel production
- Production of aquatic vaccines
- Pilot scale production of many technical enzymes, e.g. dextranase and renin
- Pilot scale production of lysine
- Production of second- and third-generation bio-ethanol
- Production of livestock feed from pistachio shells and citrus peels 
- Pilot scale production of phosphate solubilizer biofertilizer
- Pilot scale production of fermented foods from soybean
- Pilot scale production of β-carotene from Blakeslea trispora