Future National Macro-Projects:
- Macro commercial production, control and development of starter cultures and probiotics and achievement in accessing to the knowledge and technology of commercialization of probiotics and micronutriants.
- Surveys regarding the potentials of a research center for Microcells.
- Study for designing, manufacturing, installation, setting-up and running the continuous stirring fermenter with 1500 litres capacity with auto-correction or half-intelligent control capability for fungi enzymes productions
- Design, manufacturing, installation, setting-up and running of 600-litre stirring fermenter
- Study on elimination or removal of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of saline or semi-saline water using reverse osmosis method for healthy/portable water production
- Second-generation production of bio-ethanol
National Macro-Projects:
- Initial production line design for microalgae, biodiesel and other materials.
- Local projects for microparticles controls by biopolymers.
- Recombinant Nerve Growth Factor production using plants as the host.

Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)