Ofoghi H., Moazami N., Domonsky N.N.and Ivanov I
Biotechnol. lett. 22: 611- 615, 2000.

Synthetic human calcitonin monomeric (hCTm) and tetrameric (hCTt) genes were cloned under the control of the 35S cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) promoter linked to the 5′-non-translated leader sequence of tobacco etch virus (TEV). The resulting constructs were cloned into the binary vector Bin19 and potato minituber discs were transformed using an Agrobacterium strain. Northern dot-blot and RT-PCR were applied for monitoring of transcription. Translation of the hCTm and hCTt mRNAs was studied by radioimmunoassay and molecular size of the recombinant proteins was determined by SDS-PAGE. The estimated average yield of recombinant hCT in the transgenic potato plants was about 0.02% of the total soluble protein.

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