Tavallaie, S., Emtyazjoo, M., Rostami, K., Kosari, H., & Assadi, M. M.
Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, 24(1), 79-90.

A novel Dunaliella salina (D. salina) was isolated from Hoze-soltan Lake, Iran. The investigated strain was capable of producing carotenoids and protein, using different NaCl concentrations and pH variations in Hoze-soltan saline water. The experiment was carried out within 42 days. The results indicated that protein production and pigmentation correlated well with growth rate. The optimum amount for growth, carotenogenesis, and protein production was determined in a culture with 10% NaCl and pH 8.5. After 42-days incubation, 14.95 ± 0.6 μg/mL of carotenoids and 186 ± 8.6 μg/mL of protein were obtained in this medium. Further observation revealed that growth was inhibited in all samples with 30% NaCl. The amount of each biosynthesized component by Dunaliella salina was in accordance with growth stage, cell number, and growth pattern of microalgae.

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