Ebadi A., Kamali K., Fattahimogadam M.R., Naghavi M.R., Imani A. and Hamideh Ofoghi
Seed and Plant Improvment Journal, 1 Vol 1-27 No 1, 2011

Self-incompatibility is one of the main problems in almond production. In this research work, at the first step, some local cultivars as well as some imported ones were evaluated from the point of their male and female organ compatibility. Then, ten selected commercial self-incompatible cultivars (female parents) were crossed with two self-compatible cultivars (male parents) i. e. Tuono and Supernova. To discriminate self-compatible progenies from others, all seedlings were evaluated through bagging method and molecular marker. With using SfF-SfR primers, self-compatible genotypes produced band of 450 bp. However, self-incompatible genotypes did not produce any band. According to the results, out of 195 seedlings, 110 were self-compatible and the other 85 were identified as self-incompatible. This ratio was according to the mendelian law and there was no significant difference between the number of cultivars or genotypes in two groups. In another work, S-alleles of some doubtful cultivars and genotypes as well as their situation from the point of Sf were determined by simple and multiplex PCR.

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