M. Kianirad, S. Mirdamadi, M. Muazardalan, G. Savaghebi, M. Farahbakhsh,
Waste Management & Research, ISSN 0734–242X , DOI: 10.1177/0734242X09342359

This study focuses on the effect of temperature on the compost quality and the processing time. Two temperature, namely 46°C (high temperature) and 30°C (low temperature) were considered for the composting trials. A mixture of 60% ground corn cob, 30% dried sports grass and 10% bio-activator was used as composting material. The composting process lasted for 120 days. The maturity indices at the end of composting indicate that, for the high-temperature treatment, the compost show an improved quality as compared to the low-temperature treatment. The maturity indices, namely carbon to nitrogen ratio, water extractable organic carbon, ratio of cation exchange capacity to total organic carbon and germination index, determined for the high temperature treatment are: 13.9, 1.48 mg mL —1, 2.21, and 86%, respectively. On the basis of the compost characteristics, the processing time for the high- and low-temperature treatments was 75 days and 105 days, respectively. It can be concluded that treatment at the high-temperature level considered in this study presents a more suitable option for improvement of composting.

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