Bahareh Rahimian Zarif, Mehrdad Azin
Advances in Life Sciences, 4(3): 123-130.

In this research, probiotics of freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)’s intestine micro flora that affected to growth and survival were isolated. Method: after doing identifying tests, isolation of micro flora bacteria was done and with examining probiotic properties, 4 bacteria were recognized that with different quantities separately or mixture together was added to prawns diet. After 60 days, effects of probiotics on biometric parameters were recognized. Effective bacteria in this variation, identified by gene sequencing with 16srRNA and drawn phylogenic tree. Results: adding of equal quantities of S202 and S203 synchronously, in pellet form to prawns diet, was increased body weight percent, total length percent, Carapace length percent, Daily Growth Average percent and Specific Growth Rate percent significantly (p<0.05). After gene sequencing with 16srRNA and drawing phylogenic tree of S202 and S203, defined these bacteria belong to Bacillus lichniformis and fecium Entrococcus strains. Discussion and conclusion: whereas Macrobrachium rosenbergiiis important commercially due to having pleasant flavor meat, the least level of cholesterol and high level of protein, using the best and low cost way for high production of this prawn is important that access to this object is possible with using probiotics in prawn diet.

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