Rostami, Kh., Dayani, Y., EsfahaniBolandbalaie, Rashtchian, D.
Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 33(2) 93-98.

The present work examines leaching of lipoxygenase-1 from soybean flour employing stirred tank vessel. The effect of operating parameters, impellers speed, operational period, temperature, pH and scale-up were considered. The acetic acid pH: 5.2 increased the leaching of lipoxygenase- 1. The sensitivity of agitator speed and geometrical-scale-up on the enzyme leaching has been conducted. The effect of agitator speed on the geometrically- scaled- up reactor has shown that similar amount of enzyme is leached at lower speed. The result is in para with the conventional system. The importance of operational period from 5 to 50 min on the enzyme leaching was evaluated and higher enzyme leaching obtained within 10 min. of operation. The Sigmaplot-6 for statistical verification and developing a correlation for the enzyme leaching was used.

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