Samira Bahramian, Mehrdad Azin, Mohammad Chamani and Abbas Gerami.
World Applied Sciences Journal, 9, 85-90, 2010.

Pectinases and cellulases are known enzymes for facilitating juice extraction from different fruits. These enzymes were used in the present study for evaluating their effectiveness in sugar extraction process from date fruits. Kabkab, a date cultivar from Kerman province in Iran, which is industrially used for extraction of its sugar, was selected for enzymatic extraction. Comparison of samples, pretreated by either Pectinex® Smash XXL or Cellubrix® L, with untreated date fruits, showed that amount of both extracted sugar and clarity of juices thus produced, were affected by enzymatic pretreatment of fruits. Pretreatment of fruits by each of the two enzymes caused equally about 18% increase in the amount of extracted sugars, while using a precisely determined mixture of two enzymes and a suitable condition, resulted in a further increase of sugar to about 46%, in relation to untreated samples. Furthermore, enzymatic treatment of date fruits positively affects the clarity of juices, with some exceptions.

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