Jafari, Z., Majd, A. Falahian, F. and Azin, M
Journal of Sciences Islamic Azad University. 18, 17-30, 2009.

Production of enzymes is a well studied subject however, simuitaneous optimization of production two or more enzymes and trying to develop a single condition for their optimum production, is not well documented in the literatures. For simuitaneous optimization of production two enzymes (amylase and pectinase) that have economical importance, PTCC 5164 as a fungi producer source of these enzymes and statistical Taguchi method were used. Enzymes activities were determined by DNS method.
In the preliminary tests, maximum production of pectinase and amylase was determined, citrus pectin and corn starch flour as a subststrate respectively .Media with mixed carbon sources, containing different ratios of wheat bran, citrus pectin and corn starch flour were designed and the best condition for highest amount of production of these enzymes was detected. As a result, after performing the Taguchi method, an increase of 190.53 and 222.5 in the amount of produced amylase and pectinase was showed, respectively. As the next step, a combinatory optimum point, which was an arithmetic average point of the previous points, was chosen, in which in relation to the initial conditions, the production of the mentioned enzymes was increased 196.22 and 220, respectively. As a result, statistical methods indicate suitability in microbiological and biotechnological processes optimizations because a few experiments that can find useful results.

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