Zare, D. & Taghizadeh, T.
Journal of Applied microbiology in Food Industry, 2 (1): 25-38

Fermented foods have abundant benefits. One of the most popular fermented foods is fermented soy or tempe which is fermention of soybean by Rhizopus oligosporus. On the other hand, okara or soy bean cured residue is solid waste after production of soy milk with capability to use for fermentation. At present study, the growth of different edible mushrooms was evaluated on okara and temperature was optimized for growth of selected fungus. Results indicated that among different species of PleurotusAgaricusFlammulinaRasgulla and Rhizopus, the best strain for production of a suitable fermented food was Rhizopus oligosporus. Temperature was optimized for growth of Rhizopus oligosporus on okara and result indicated that the optimum temperature was 32oC. Finally, fermented okara was formulated by some ingredients to produce a novel fermented food. Results showed that the best formulation for production of a suitable burger by fermented okara includes potato powder (25%), tofu (20%), sugar (4%), salt (2%), garlic (3.5%), spices (1.5%) and egg (20%). The amount of protein on formulated food was 40.6% which is valuable amount on human nutrition.

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