Hamid Moghimi, Javad Hamedi, Zargham Sepehrizadeh & Hamideh Ofoghi
Ann Microbiol 63 (2) pp. 669 - 675. 2012

Weeds are a significant part of the pests limiting crop production. Currently, chemical herbicides are widely used for weed control. Environment pollution and the rise of resistant strains highlight the need for new herbicides. Nep1 is a natural bio-herbicide protein which is an effective necrosis stimulant in dicotyledonous weeds. In this study, the cDNA encoding nep1 was isolated form Fusarium oxysporum, cloned and overexpressed in Escherichia coli. The Nep1 inclusion body was purified and refolded. For biological assay, the recombinant Nep1 was applied on Sinapis arvensis, as a chemical herbicide-resistant weed, and on Nicotiana tabacum, as a model plant. Our results show a significant necrosis on the leaves of S. arvensis and N. tabacum after spraying 50 μg/ml of the recombinant protein.

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