Majidi, J., Abdolalizadeh, J., Safavi, M., Amirkhiz, M.B
Int. Med. J. 2004; 3( 2):1-4 (ISI)

Objective: The goal of this project is taking a step towards self-efficiency with minimum expense. Its objective is producing an antibody in goats against rat immunoglobulins. The polyclonal antibody has various educational and diagnostic applications. Methods: A fraction rich in immunoglubolins was saturated with ammonium sulphate to precipitate serum immunoglobulins. After several injections of rat immunoglobulins with adjuvant, in defined time periods, a goat was completely immunized. Then blood was taken from the animal for evaluation of goat anti-rat immunoglobulins using Ouchterlony and SRID tests. Antibody titration was done using the designed ELISA test Results: In the Ouchterlony or double diffusion test, a clear precipitation line was seen and in the SRID test a clear precipitation ring was seen. Discussion: The results of titration with designed ELISA tests and careful evaluation of antibody titer confirmed the results of double diffusion and SRID tests. The serum titer of immunized goats in this test was defined as 16000. Conclusion: Production of high titer antibody in goats against rat immunoglobulins confirmed the results of Double Diffusion and SRID tests and so shows that this product is a cost-beneficial product.

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