. Ali Salehzadeh, Hamideh Ofoghi and Amir Arasteh
African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 11(36), pp. 8893-8897, 3 May, 2012

Human calcitonin (hCT) is a 32 amino acid peptide that participates in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in human. It is used in clinics for the treatment of diseases related to bone decalcification, such as Paget disease, osteoporosis imperfecta and parathyroid gland carcinoma. In this research, C-terminus polyhistidine tagged human recombinant calcitonin which was expressed by Pichia pastoris strain KM71H was purified with cobalt-based IMAC resin and Nickel-based IMAC column. The result shows that the yield of purification was higher by cobalt-based IMAC resin in comparison with nickel-based IMAC column.

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