Not Bot Horti Agrobo, 2019, 47(1):143-151

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) is a plant that has been considered for a long time due to its valuable secondary metabolites. This study was conducted to obtain quercetin and glycyrrhizin under controlled conditions and the use of silver nitrate (AgNO3) as an elicitor to increase their production. For this purpose, the seeds were cultured in MS media containing various concentrations of AgNO3 (0, 2, 4, 8 and 10 mg L-1). Quercetin in the aerial parts extract of three-month seedlings prepared with methanol solvent 95% and acetic acid (9:1), and glycyrrhizin in the root extract of four-month seedlings prepared with ethanolic extract (30%) were evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively using HPLC. The results obtained from three replications showed the presence of quercetin and glycyrrhizin in all samples. The amount of quercetin in all samples treated with AgNO3 was significantly higher than control (P≤0.05) and this increase was higher at concentrations of 8 and 10 mg L-1 in comparison with other concentrations. Glycyrrhizin content increased under the influence of different concentrations of AgNO3 as compared to the control; however, this increase was not significant. Our results clearly showed that this method is a practical method to produce and elicit more these compounds with medicinal value.

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