Sarokhani M., Moazami N., Mirdamadi , Sa., khanmohamadi, M., Azarnosh, M.
The journal of Qazvin university of medical science., No 21, 3-10, Spring 2002

Background: Cephalosporin C (CPC) as a major precursor of semisynthetic cephalosporin antibiotics, is produced by species of Acremonium genus in certain conditions.
Objective: To isolate and obtain the strains, detect their production and define optimum production and purification conditions.
Methods: Selective media were used for soil screening program. Standard strains were obtained from DSMZ. CPC production was confirmed by biological and chromatographic (paper chromatography and HPLC) methods. Different kinds of media with various carbon and nitrogen sources were used to induce production. CPC were removed from the filtered and acid -treated broths by adsorption on a neutral macroporous resine (XAD - 4), followed by adsorption on a weakly basic ion - exchange resine (IRA -67).
Findings: In soil screening program, a native CPC -producing strain was isolated. CPC production in this strain and also in standard strains was shown by different methods. Native and standard strains were differed in CPC production in various fermentation media. CPC was recovered and extracted from these media with acceptable purity.
Conclusion: Results of this study can be used for large –scale production of CPC in Iran.

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