Abbas Farazmand, Bagher Yakhchali, Parvin Shariati, Zarrin Minuchehr and Hamideh Ofoghi
Iranian Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 10, No. 1, January 2012

Bacillus clausii TnrA transcription factor is required for global nitrogen regulation. In order to obtain an overview of gene regulation by TnrA in B. clausii KSMK16, the entire genome of B. clausii was screened for the consensus sequence, 5’-TGTNAN7TNACA-3’ known as the TnrA box, and 13 transcription units were found containing a putative TnrA box. The TnrA targets identified in this study were tnrA, glnA, nrgA, nasFDEB, puc genes, licT, the two operons of the oligopeptide ABC transporter, lytR, transcriptional regulator of the Lrp/AsnC family, sodium-dependent transporter of SNF family, hyu genes and a biochemically uncharacterized protein.

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